About TDF

About Textile Development Foundation (TDF)

Textile Development Foundation(TDF) established in 1996 is a leading assosciation of textile manufacturers in Solapur.

TDF is proud to be instrumental in bringing various technical changes in Solapur Textile Industry. We have been successful in safeguarding Solapur Terry Towels & Solapur Chaddars under Geographical indication Registry by obtaining G.I.No.8 for chaddars & G.I.No.9 for Terry Towels.


Rajesh Goski
Mr. Rajesh Goski

It is an honor for me to be the President of Textile Development Foundation. This is an organization working voluntarily by young entrepreneurs for the upliftment of the textile Industry. We at TDF and all former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries have worked hard with tremendous dedication and application that bring a good platform for us, present office bearers, and I feel fortunate for this situation, at the level Which TDF is standing in the Industry.

Solapur Textile History


It was during the Maratha rule ofthe Deccan that Peshwa Madhavrao-I (1761- 1772 A.D.) invited hereditary weaver communities of Koshtis, Salis and Sangars to settle in Solapur, on the promises ofland-grants and State patronage. Soon their products 112 like sheets, quilts, waistcloths, robes and turbans began enjoying immense popularity in the Deccan States and the Nizam country.

It was probably the reputation ofthese skilled textile craftsmen that prompted Seth Moraiji Gokuldas ofMumbai to establish his Solapur Spinning & Weaving Mills in the city in March, 1877. Soon, other composite textile mills followed - Narsing Giraji Manufacturing Limited and Laxmi Cotton Mills Limited (1898), Vishnu Cotton Mills Limited (1908) and Shree Jam Ratansingji Mills (1909).

With these, the city began accumulating its reputation as a ‘Mill Town’ (Giron Gaon in Marathi). The typical feature of the city then was that on the one hand, there was a flourishing handloom industry catering to the needs ofthe rural population; on the other, composite mills were producing fancy saris for the urban classes. Both existed side-byside without squabbles.



Launch Program Vibrant Terry Towel

4.00 PM - 7.00 PM

Date 4th Oct. 2018

Balaji Sarovar Premium,
Solapur, Maharashtra

Key Initiatives

  • Innovative Marketing Techniques by Shri. Jagat Shah

    Innovative Marketing Techniques

    TDF organised seminar on Innovative Marketing Techniques by Shri. Jagat Shah.

  • study-tour

    Textile Study Tour

    TDF organised study tour for solapur textile manufaturers at CTF (Centre for Textile Functions) NMIMS College Campus, Shirpur, Dhule.